Howie Doyle

Howie Doyle has a background in communications and visual arts, which has served his entrepreneurial endeavors, including printing, publishing, and fine arts. He is a proud father and grandfather, and he spends his free time painting. Howie also designs and constructs many of the displays and stage sets utilized by SaveWaterTexas for school and community events. Perhaps the most challenging of these was building the “back end” of a cow to teach students about branding and constructing the “Magic Faucet” showcased in the team’s community events

Trapper Zeke

I traveled from the Pacific Northwest, through the Rocky Mountain states, and down into Texas working as a frontier fur trapper. Some people call me a mountain man, as I pursue my quarry into the furthest reaches of wilderness along rivers and streams while living off the land. There were never more than one or two thousand of the so-called Mountain Men, and their heyday only lasted about 20 years. We did, however leave an indelible mark on American history as we ventured into the Rockies and southwest. By the 1840’s, the fur trade – especially beaver pelts –was one of the forerunners of US industry. Women wore beaver hats, collars and coats, and virtually every man sported a hat made of the animal. In sharing his story, Zeke teaches kids about natural resources and water conservation.