The Save Water Texas Edu-tainment program

The LEARNING FROM OUR PAST TO INFLUENCE OUR FUTURE program helps educate youngsters about critical past, current and future water issues by emphasizing how the history of Texas has always been tied to water.  Much of the arid region of Texas, for example, could not have been populated without access to water.

Simply stated, if students understand how critical water was to life on the frontier, they will develop a greater appreciation for how much we still rely on a sustainable supply of water today and into the future. The goal is to help them avoid wasteful habits as youngsters, and to encourage them to make a life-long commitment to becoming stewards of this finite natural resource as adult water users with families of their own. They will be the ones making crucial decisions as future population growth collides with available water resources and their preparation for that challenge should begin today. If youngsters grow up with a better comprehension about water as a global issue – and how important it is to “spend” it wisely — they will make more informed decisions in the future.

While many are puzzled by the ‘connection’ between Texas History and water conservation, this unlikely pairing has resonated with students, teachers and parents who have come into contact with the program. Educators say that the cross-disciplinary “Learning from our Past” imparts an appreciation for something ‘larger than themselves’ to the students, helping them to realize the role they will play in the future.

About the Save Water Texas Edu-Tainers

Barbara Payne

In a communications career that now spans four decades, Barbara has specialized in translating complex and/or technical topics into consumer language in three important “life” arenas: energy, health and medicine, and now the critical world of water.

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Mary Bonetati

Mary is a retired science educator with 38 years of public school experience. She was selected as Klein ISD’s Educator of the Year in 2003. As a member of the Spring community for the past 45 years, she has been involved in many conservation activities to help improve our way of life.

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Howie Doyle

Howie Doyle has a background in communications and visual arts, which has served his entrepreneurial endeavors, including printing, publishing, and fine arts. He is a proud father and grandfather, and he spends his free time painting. Howie also designs and constructs many of the displays and stage sets utilized by SaveWaterTexas for school and community events.

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Eli Gonzalez

Born and raised in Houston Texas, Eli graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in mechanical engineering technology.  For his final project, Eli and three other seniors were tasked to create, plan, and build a prototype that would “help or serve humanity”.

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Steve Baird

Steve Baird received his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Texas Tech University in 1997 and earned his Masters of Archaeology in Heritage Management from the University of Leicester in the UK in 2001. Steve worked as an archaeologist with the state of Texas for more than 13 years

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Lori Huffman

As a child growing up in urban Harris County, Texas, Suzie especially loved going to her grandparents’ farm for long summer visits. There were many things on the farm that she fancied…the wonderful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables her grandmother grew in her kitchen garden;

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Michelle Simpson

Michelle moved from Corpus Christi to the “big” city of Lubbock, Texas almost 10 years ago. There she studied mass communication, theatre, and vocal performance at Texas Tech University. No sooner than her roots started to sprout she moved east, to The Woodlands, Texas to pursue her career in a larger city with more opportunities. 

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